Randy Lippincott is a professional musician who has honed his craft to a fine edge over many years of touring and studio work with many musicians from the legendary to the as yet undiscovered. He has put in many years of hard work and has become a very well respected sideman and band leader.

Best known as a bassist, Randy has laid the foundation for his own band through years of learning at the sides of the great blues musicians of the past several decades. His appreciation for the lower register has taught him the importance of good, solid rhythm section role playing. Like most musicians, his beginnings were humble. Despite being able to play guitar, he was relegated to the bass at the age of 13 because two older musicians took the guitar spots in his first band. As he puts it “Besides, no one else could think bass!”

Years later, Randy is still thankful to have been put in the bass role. His prowess on the bass has allowed him to enjoy recording and touring with many of his respected musical elders and contemporaries. Randy has toured the world, visiting 17 countries on 4 continents, playing major festivals at home and abroad with such artists as Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson, Johnny “Clyde” Copeland, Shemeika Copeland, Lonnie Shields, Big Bill Morganfield, Ola Dixon and Steve Guyger.

Touring is an important facet of the music profession although not a favorite activity of many. In addition to his touring credits, Randy has been honored to appear on a number of recordings (see the discography page for details). His services are in demand by artists and record labels alike. Randy has even been privileged to appear on the Grammy-nominated Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson CD “Got To Find A Way.”

Whether as a single, a duo, or fronting his own band, Randy brings his years of experience to every show. Having paid his dues learning at the feet of the masters, he has stepped from the shadows out into the spotlight. While it is a new experience for him in many ways, it is the path he is compelled to take to move his career to the next level.

Give an ear to the music of Randy Lippincott and hear the results of dedication, perseverance and a love of his music. If you are in the Philadelphia area, check out his performance schedule for appearances and come on out to support this fine musician.

For booking information, please contact Randy using the contact page.

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