Best known as a bassist, Randy has laid the foundation for his own band through years of learning at the sides of the great blues musicians of the past several decades. His appreciation for the lower register has taught him the importance of good, solid rhythm section role playing. Like most musicians, his beginnings were humble. Despite being able to play guitar, he was relegated to the bass at the age of 13 because two older musicians took the guitar spots in his first band. As he puts it “Besides, no one else could think bass!”

Years later, Randy is still thankful to have been put in the bass role. His prowess on the bass has allowed him to enjoy recording and touring with many of his respected musical elders and contemporaries. He has backed up artists from Chicago, Texas, California, New York, Arkansas, Georgia, and of course, Philadelphia. He has toured 17 countries on 4 continents and performed on the stages of most of the major festivals throughout the world.

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